STEM Learning

The Port Authority values STEM learning and efforts to encourage more Licking County students to take an interest in and pursue STEM careers.

Manufacturers need STEM skills. These go hand in glove with manufacturing development.

Over $1.5 Million for STEM Learning

The Port Authority has put its money where its mouth is with a commitment of over $1.5 million for STEM learning. The Port Authority committed $1 million in STEM scholarships at COTC/OSU-N. That was on top of over $500,000 in funding to STEM Learning initiatives in Licking County over the years, including the new STEM Building at COTC/OSU-N, The Works’ SciDome, industry STEM demonstrations during Buckeye Valley YMCA  All-for-One Summer Camps, and the continued STEM learning efforts at The Works.

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The Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority has a long history of support of STEM learning. The Port Authority has been among the top funders of and has provided leadership to a national model STEM initiative at The Works, encouraging young people and their parents to understand the value of science, technology, engineering, and math skills.

$1 Million STEM Scholarship

Many projects have been completed with support from the Port Authority. Port Authority investments include a $1 million STEM scholarship with The Ohio State University at Newark and Central Ohio Technical College.  Three generations–grandparents to grandkids–of employees and family of COATC employees is eligible.

>>Central Ohio Technical College STEM Scholarship Application

>>Ohio State – Newark STEM Scholarship Application