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About Us
The Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority was created in 1995 to take over ownership of the Newark AFB upon closing. Today, it has a three-fold mission of management, development, and solutions for county-wide economic development efforts.

Our Partners:
  City of Heath
  City of Newark
  Licking County

The Port Authority’s goal and mission is job attraction, creation, and retention and to maximize the utilization of the Central Ohio Aerospace and Technology Center.

The Port Authority offices are located in Heath, Ohio. The mailing address is 851 Irving Wick Dr West, Heath, Ohio 43056.

Contact Us
Have a question or comment? Make an inquiry to the Port Authority staff.

Port Authority Board of Directors
The nine-member board is appointed equally by Heath, Newark, and Licking County.

Port Authority Staff
Phone extensions and contact information for staff of the Port Authority.

Board Meeting Schedule
The 2022 schedule of regular Board meetings.

Port Authority Bid Notices
Bid notices will be made available on the web site. Check back often.

Public Information Releases
Public information published by the Port Authority.

How to get to Port Authority locations.

Port Authority FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions. What is a port authority?

After hours response for on-site emergency.

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