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Under Ohio Revised Code and as owner of the land and buildings at the COATC Base campus, the Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authorty has policy-making powers. These policies include policies for everything ranging from parking to smoking while on the campus.

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These are policies that impact COATC personnel and visitors alike.

Tobacco Free Policy
On November 7, 2006, Ohio voters passed a statewide smoking ban. That ban, implemented by local health departments, prompted the Port Authority to enact a policy to designate the entire COATC campus tobacco-free as of May 31, 2008. The campus-wide tobacco-free campus policy is in accordance with Ohio Dept. of Health rules that permit enforcement of a campus-wide smoking ban. An aerial photo depicts the areas subject to the campus-wide policy. Last updated: April 2008

Parking Regulations
The Port Authority on-site parking regulations regarding all Port Authority property, including both the Base campus and the South campus. Last updated: June 2020

Open Records & Retention Schedule
Many records of the Port Authority are public records. This policy outlines records available, records not available, and methods and costs for obtaining and/or viewing records. It also includes a records retention schedule. Last updated: September 2010

Incident Report
Report on-site crashes or incidents to the Port Authority. There's also a Word version of the form. Last updated: March 2011

Concealed Carry
In April 2004, state law took affect licensing the concealed carrying of firearms. Since the Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority is a government entity, firearms are prohibited in all buildings on the COATC campus, by law.

The Port Authority sees its responsibility, dually, as protecting the on-site personnel as well as protecting an unwitting licensee from carrying weapons illegally into a government building. As such, the possession of firearms is strongly discouraged on the entire COATC campus with signage posted at the main entrances to the campus.

Logo Usage Guidelines
Guidelines for proper use of the Port Authority logo. Last updated: September 2004

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