Traffic Counts
The Licking County Transportation Study (LCATS) conducted a traffic count survey of COATC during the first week of June, 2003.

The purpose of the study was to define travel patterns for traffic both entering and leaving the campus. Additionally, counts were conducted on the roadway passing just south of Building 4. Chiefly, the results showed an average daily traffic count, for weekday traffic, of 1,499 for the western entrance and 1,170 for the eastern entrance.

Site plan showing count locations.
(ADT is the average daily traffic, calculated based on weekday data only.)

The information presented in report clearly reveals issues of importance to both the Port Authority and its tenants. The data show that nearly half of all the persons employed at COATC leave the site for lunch. Secondly, the Port Authority can derive from the information a better understanding of the critical times in which snow removal activities must be performed without the hindrance of parked vehicles. The data also helps fix a span for the lag time experienced by motorists exiting the COATC during the peak rush hour of 3:00 p.m., thus providing managers a better understanding of flexibility needs regarding shift start times.

Inbound Traffic
Results indicate the peek inbound traffic counts occurs during the 6:00 a.m. timeframe. An influx of activity also occurs during the 11:00 a.m. hour.

Outbound Traffic
As was expected, the outbound vehicle traffic was almost an exact replication of inbound patterns. However, it was phase shifted by time with the peak being 3:00 p.m.

Due to the relative low traffic count for the South Loop Road, the only observation being reported establishes the total traffic count for this road. A quick comparison to the other traffic counts indicates about 10% of all COATC traffic travels this portion of the roadways. Over the seven-day period, the road experienced only 581 westbound and eastbound traffic counts.

A representative sampling of traffic patterns was ascertained by the placement of “two-count ” traffic indicators at three different locations on the COATC campus The locations selected were the following: East Bridge, West Bridge, and South Loop Road. At these locations, traffic counts indicate conditions relevant to both the east and west areas of the campus. Additionally, an idea of the current rate of use for the only connector road currently in use between these areas can be ascertained.

The traffic counts were conducted for an entire week including the weekend. The counts were tabulated on 24-hour basis with the fractional portion of two days added together to complete a seven-day tally.

Results Report [In PDF Format]
A detailed report on the results.