Congressman Ney Visits
Friday, February 28, 2003
The Port Authority hosted Congressman Bob Ney for a tour and briefing with COATC tenants. Ney highlighted the presence of six of the top 20 Department of Defense contractors located here at the COATC and congratulated COATC personnel for their role in defending our country.

His visit included a tour of the Boeing Guidance Repair Center and a briefing with officials from Boeing, Bionetics, AFMETCAL, and DCMA Newark.

A photo collage is below.

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Photos from Congressman Ney's visit to COATC.
Ney Visit

Congressman Ney visits with AF Colonel Gary Bledsoe, AFMETCAL Commander.

Boeing Tour

Boeing officials present a tour of aircraft guidance system repair areas.


Ben Fullen, Program Manager for Bionetics, briefs Ney on the AFPSL.

DoD Graphic

The list of DoD contractors is highlighted after the briefing.

Boeing & DCMA

Officials from Boeing and DCMA join in the discussion.

Port Authority

Port Authority Director Rick Platt takes part as well.