The Port Authority’s projects include capital projects on our Aerospace Center campus. Stop back often for updates.

Image of campus

UPDATED May 14, 2024

Dawes Landscaping Upgrade Phase I

The Port Authority is continuing to work with Dawes Arboretum on an upgrade to our campus landscaping. The upgrade will see the remaining Calla Pear trees removed and more Ohio-Native plants brought into our campus. This continues to move us to a more thoughtful planned landscaping approach. Find a one-pager describing the project. Visit a little piece of Dawes every day.

Campus Walking Path Resurfacing

This project involves the resurfacing of the south and east side asphalt walking path on the campus. The project will also include the demo and repouring of 3 ADA concrete approaches.

Campus Painting

The project will see painting campus wide with 80 light poles, 175 bollards, and 15 fire hydrants being painted. Coleman and Son’s Painting completed this project.

STEMFlex® Building Improvement Project

This project involves the redevelopment of two buildings located at 1401 & 1425 Mt. Vernon Road, Newark. This project will include the limited demolition, building structural repairs, skylight replacements, lighting upgrades, HVAC replacement and additions, plumbing repairs and replacement, flooring repair and replacement, drop ceiling replacement, store front glass replacement and painting per the redevelopment plans. Project Construction is the general contractor.

Facility Multi-Purpose Building

The Port Authority has built a 4,200 square foot multi-purpose building for storage of supplies and equipment. This replaced building 52 that has been demolished. Project Construction was awarded the contract to do the preliminary design work and construct the building.