A history of the former Newark AFB and the Central Ohio Aerospace & Technology Center.


We are proud of the Base’s history in helping to defend and protect our country while also serving as an important part of the Licking County and Central Ohio economy. In 2022, the community celebrated 60 years of Air Force metrology and guidance system repair services in Heath.

Built in the early 1950’s, the 70-acre facility served a variety of functions for the United States Air Force and Department of Defense. In 1961, Congress approved funding to redesignate its duties to house inertial guidance system repair shops and calibrations laboratories for laboratories worldwide.

The base was deactivitated September 17, 1996 and on October 1, 1996, the Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority purchased 57 acres of the property through an Economic Development Conveyance. The Port Authority manages the equipment and facilities of the former Air Force base. Since the Port Authority took ownership, the property has been renamed the Central Ohio Aerospace and Technology Center (COATC).

The site has received national recognition as the first Privatization-in-Place (PIP) in Air Force history. Under PIP, these workloads continue under private sector contract.

25th Anniversary

An October 1, 2021 Commemorative was published by The Advocate.

Through The Years

A review of past editions of On Target, the Newark AFB newspaper, produced an online history page.

On Target Archives

A digital scan of every edition of On Target is available online courtesy of the Licking County Recorder.

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