The Boeing Company

Boeing-Heath is the largest employer on the Aerospace Center campus. The Heath plant is recognized within The Boeing Company as a Strategic Fabrication Center for small-scale assembly, integration and test for electronics, guidance, and navigation systems.
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The Air Force Metrology and Calibration Program (AFMETCAL) division’s mission is to develop and sustain precision measurement capabilities ensuring accurate, reliable, and safe air and space weapon systems performance.
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Bionetics and its contract partner, ARTi, Inc, hold the government contract for metrology and calibration to manage the Air Force Primary Standards Laboratory, a model for outsourcing of a government laboratory.
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Bionetics Defense Engineering Services Group

Bionetics DESG provides maintenance, overhaul and repair of the inertial guidance systems for missiles. Bionetics DESG has offices and labs in the Horton Building on the campus and clean room space in the Boeing Building.
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DCMA Dayton-Heath

The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) is on-site at the Aerospace Center ensuring the Department of Defense contracts in the region are delivered on time and to specifications.
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Homestead Beer Company

A craft brewer occupies 831 Irving Wick Drive West, a former technical orders building housing Air Force work papers on the Base Campus. The brewery is the largest production brewery in Licking County.
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Samuel Packaging Systems

The Toronto, Canada-headquartered company opened on the South Campus of the Aerospace and Technology Center in 2007 with a steel fabrication manufacturing operation with a state-of-the-art heat-treat line as part of its production capabilities.

Area image of the port authority


The labs and regional offices for this NDT (non destructive testing) company have a long history in Heath. MISTRAS is located in a state-of-the-art facility located on the South Campus of the Aerospace Center.

Licking County Emergency Management Agency

The Licking County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for Homeland Security, the Regional Communications Center (911), and Safety Services operations within Licking County.

Viking Cylinders

Viking Cylinders is the North American brand from Hexagon Ragasco, the world’s leading producer of composite LPG cylinders. The innovative composite propane gas cylinders have been in production since 1996, and more than 15 million have been sold worldwide.

Ariel Corporation

The Newark Plant for the gas compressor component manufacturing is located on the South Campus of the Central Ohio Aerospace and Technology Center. The plant was expanded in 2020.

GB Food

A British-Chinese venture which produces soy protein crisps as an ingredient in various plant-based foods.

Nature’s One

Production of organic infant formula began in 2020 in a new, clean state-of-the-art production facility.  Bobbie is the parent company.


Cleanroom-based research and development is underway on a platform that mimics human central nervous systems.

KeHo Foods

The protein bar producer owns space on International Drive for a new production building that opened in 2021.

Gushen America

Gushen imports and distributes soy isolates which are an ingredient in plant-based foods.


Pharmaceutical company conducting assembly, integration, and test of equipment in Heath.

Prudential Cleanroom Services

Cleanroom garments are provided by Prudential to life sciences, semiconductor, and micro electronic customers who operate cleanrooms.  Prudential is retrofitting a shell building it purchased in 2022 on International Drive.  Buildout of the building will occur into 2024.

Behr Paint Company

Manufacture of coatings will be the focus of a new building which opened in 2023 on the campus.   Behr built what is the third largest building on the campus and which is rail-served.