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Mezz 1 Back Open for Business.
The above photo is from July 1988 On Target.
July 2008

It's been 15 years ago that Newark AFB learned of its pending closure, 43 years since the base's newspaper, On Target, was first published, and over 45 years since the establishment of a guidance and metrology operation in Heath. From a complete collection of On Target newspapers and other archives, the Port Authority's Bill Wright creates a month-by-month look at The Base through the years.

One Year Ago - July 2007
Auction Sales Double. Marking the fourth year since a move to online auction sales for excess property, the Port Authority reported a doubling of sales. The 588 total unit sales in four years included 75 gallons of lime green paint sold to someone in Kentucky and the old Base fire truck sold to a VFD in Alabama. The former childcare modular buildings were also sold and removed from the site in 2007.

5 Years Ago - July 2003
Port Authority Unveils $11.4 Million Capital Improvements Plan. The Port Authority Board accepted a new 10-year capital improvements plan that calls for $11.4 million in capital improvements over the next 10 years. The plan represents the Port Authority's commitment to modernize COATC and prepare for future growth. Updates every two years would see the 10-year capital plan stand at a projected $20 million in 2007.

10 Years Ago - July 1998
In light of the recent excess rain we have received, we are reminded of the cooperative effort with Kaiser that saw an emergency egress roadway between the Port Authority and Kaiser constructed to allow employees of the Base a safe exit should the bridges become impassible.

15 Years Ago - July 1993
With the Base closure being announced in June of 1993, the July issues of On Target were dedicated to answering employee questions about the closure.

20 Years Ago - July 1988
Maj. Gen Charles Metcalf, Air Force Logistics Command Comptroller, cut the ribbon officially re-opening Mezz 1 in building 4. The quality of Life project involved total renovation and installation of systems furniture in the Comptroller area.

25 Years Ago - July 1983
Second PMEL Conference Termed Productive. Technicians representing 115 of the 130 Precision Measurement Equipment laboratories worldwide plus representatives of most of the Air Force major commands returned to Denison University for a second conference, one called to study progress made since the first one held there in June 1981. The approximately 175 persons attending rediscovered what most of them already knew- that progress is not always rapid when it comes to revamping major Air Force programs such as metrology.

35 Years Ago - July 1973
AGMC Recognizes contributors to G-200 Bearing Program. The Charles Stark Draper Labs, AGMC organizations and personnel involved in the successful completion of the G-200 Bearing Technology Improvement Program were recognized by the AGMC commander for their contributions. Col. Neville Jr. presented a plaque to the Draper Labs citing the significant cost savings which result from increase in yield when installing the G-200 floats with the new Draper Labs bearing in CAT III gyros.

40 Years Ago - July 1968
Military to Meet New Boss. At his last Commander's call, Col. Edwin Little introduced Col. Morris Burkhart as the new Base Commander.

Another note in July of 1968 a groundbreaking ceremony took place for the new Minuteman III repair facility at the north end of building 4.

45 Years Ago - July 1963
Col. Thomas Lawton Jr., commander of the Newark Air Force Station, was selected by the Air Force Association to receive the Logistics Executive Management Award for 1962, the Air Force Logistics Command announced. It is the top of three management awards presented annually by the association to the person who makes "the most distinguished contribution to management in position of great responsibility.

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