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End of an Era
The above photo is from a February 1980 On Target story.
February 2010

It's been 17 years ago that Newark AFB learned of its closure, 45 years since the base's newspaper, On Target, was first published, and 48 years since the establishment of guidance and metrology operations in Heath. From a complete collection of On Target newspapers and other archives, the Port Authority's Bill Wright creates a month-by-month look at The Base through the years.

One Year Ago - February 2009
Feeltheimpact.com Goes Live. The Port Authority-led $2.9 million roadway and bridge project was well underway with initial site preparations becoming visible. The downturn in the economy gave reason for the local economic impact of the bridge project to be tracked more than normal. A special website tracking the project, its elements, and the local "Made in Licking County" aspect of the project were online at feeltheimpact.com.

5 Years Ago - February 2005
49th Annual Chamber Groundhog Breakfast hosted by The Base. Boeing, Bionetics, BAE Systems and the Port Authority hosted the annual Groundhog Breakfast. A slide show portraying a Day in the Life of the Base was presented to all of those attending the breakfast. It showed many important functions of life here at the Base and left the impression that the Base was high tech before high tech was high tech.

15 Years Ago - February 1995
Heath, Newark and Licking County pass legislation forming the port authority.

20 Years Ago - February 1990
Air Force initiates civilian drug testing. AFLC officials announced drug testing would begin for some civilian employees within 30 days. The announcement followed a directive issued by secretary of the Air Force, Donald Rice, initiating the program Air Force-wide. AGMC would not begin testing until they received a copy of the approved plan signed by the Secretary of the Air Force.

25 Years Ago - February 1985
Changes announced. George E. Jensen Inc., in conjunction with Jensen, Johnson and Butts Contractors Inc. of Mobile, Alabama, were awarded a contract for $4,187,743 to construct approximately 36,000 sq. ft. of additional space at Newark AFS facilities to repair the guidance and control system for the Peacekeeper Missile

30 Years Ago - February 1980
The End of an Era. The Titan II system was demilitarized ending a repair program that had begun here in 1962. Its peak year of production here was 1966 with 256 units repaired. A new system workload replaced the work being done on the Titan II. The new workload was the Carousel IV-E.

35 Years Ago - February 1975
Credit Union Assets Nudge $4 million. Assets of the Newark Aerospace Federal Credit Union were at an all-time high, nearly $4 million. James Barnaba, board president, told members that despite the "money crunch" and problems experienced by other credit unions, Newark had a very good year. Shares totaled $3.6 million and loans, $5.7 million.

40 Years Ago - February 1970
Famed Musical Group Performs at Club. Tommy Dean and the Girl Friends performed at the club for the station party. Tommy and the girls had toured the country including three appearances at the fabulous Showboat in Las Vegas. They were touted in Billboard Magazine as the top new find in 1967.

45 Years Ago - February 1965
Newark AFS Opens Annex. A new off-base facility, officially designated the Newark AFS Annex, became a reality when the first moves of personnel and bus service to the annex began on Feb.4th 1965. A contract was awarded to lease the office building from Kaiser Aluminum. The building made it possible to move Civilian Personnel Division and other activities located in downtown Newark, to a site more accessible to the installation. This building was destroyed by a fire in April of 2002.

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