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Bikers On Patrol...
The above is copied from a August 1995 edition of On Target.
August 2010

It's been more than 17 years ago that Newark AFB learned of its pending closure and more than 45 years since the base's newspaper, On Target, was first published and 48 years since the establishment of guidance and metrology operations in Heath. From a complete collection of On Target newspapers, the Port Authority's Bill Wright created a month-by-month look at The Base through the years.

1 Years Ago - August 2009
Calling it a "tremendous milestone for the community," Boeing and the Port Authority announced a lease extension through 2014 with an option through 2018. The name of the game is "stability" as it sends a loud signal of economic and job stability with Boeing committed to retaining the facility in Heath as well as the Port Authority promising stable prices on the lease through 2018

5 Years Ago - August 2005
OnTheBase.com goes multi-media with the introduction of a new feature-an online radio station. Audio clips ranged from the day-to-day (how to use the online auction system) to the unusual (what types of flowers are planted on the patio). Base radio was replaced with Base TV.

15 Years Ago - August 1995
AGMC sees bicycle patrol. The Security Police Directorate selected eight members of the organization to be trained in bicycle patrol. They were trained on two recently purchased mountain bikes.

20 Years Ago - August 1990
AGMC provided support to U.S. forces deploying to the Middle East for operation Desert Shield. FASTCAL, a deployable calibration laboratory, was an AGMC initiative that played a role in the Middle East. The first of the production FASTCALs, which could be flown anywhere in the world, was delivered to the Air Force in July.

25 Years Ago - August 1985
"In With the New" The most important element of the AGMC's comprehensive information systems modernization plan "reported for duty". The IBM 4381 central processing unit replaced the Magnuson M80/43 on which the center had depended for two years. The new computer's RAM was 16MB and storage devices totaled 2.5GB. Look how far we have gone in 25 years

30 Years Ago - August 1980
"Electro Mail" An electronic mail net work connected AGMC with the mail rooms of Headquarters Air Force Logistics Command, Air Force Acquisition Logistics Division and the five air logistics centers. A test of the system saw material "faxed" from here to McClellen AFB took half an hour to be transmitted and received.

35 Years Ago - August 1975
Meritorious Award AGMC Commander Col. William Bush presented the Air Force Meritorious Civilian Service Award to Robert Darling, deputy director of maintenance. The award is the highest AFLC can present to a civilian employee.

40 Years Ago - August 1970
Congressman John M. Ashbrook met with summer aids here at NAFS. He told the aids that he was glad to see them take advantage of the opportunity of the summer program and that the nation's youth needed to learn the value of work.

45 Years Ago - July 1965
Newark Air Force Station came to the rescue when Travis Air Force Base was unable to calibrate aircraft altimeters with certified accuracy. The base's radio altimeters are redlined and aircraft restricted from over seas causing a potential support problem to U.S. operations in Vietnam. The instrument is brought here to be certified.

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