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1200th Titan System Serviced
The above is copied from the April 2, 1970 edition of On Target.
April 2005

It's been more than 10 years ago that Newark AFB learned of its pending closure and more than 40 years since the base's newspaper, On Target, was first published. From a complete collection of On Target newspapers, the Port Authority's Bill Wright created a month-by-month look at The Base through the years.

10 Years Ago - April 1995
Completion of the Reuse Plan by the Newark-Heath Air Force Base Reuse Commission and distribution of the Draft Environmental Assessment moved base privatization two steps closer. “The Air Force had been able to look at the plan and see that it fit their needs for privatization” stated Wally Horton.

15 Years Ago - April 1990
The Base Childcare Center was first opened. Today, the Center is the home of Southtowne Kids Club.

20 Years Ago - April 1985
This month marked the 20th anniversary of LN12 platform repair capability at the AGMC. The LN12 was the primary guidance system in the inertial navigation and attitude control reference. By March 1985, 46,593 platforms had been repaired and tested.

25 Years Ago - April 1980
Col. David W. Huff announced his retirement. Col. James A. Tilloston, Vice Commander would become AGMC Commander. Col. Huff’s military career began in 1944, while Col. Tilloston’s career began in 1955.

30 Years Ago - April 1975
Heath donated 10 acres of land formerly owned by Kaiser, to the Newark Air Force Station for future expansion. In the past few years, the Port Authority has purchased an additional 250 acres of land from Kaiser in order to expand to a south campus.

35 Years Ago - April 1970
The 1200th Titan system was made serviceable and ready for shipment by AGMC. The 1st Titan system repaired by AGMC was in June 1963.

40 Years Ago - April 1965
The 1st operational F-4C fighter inertial navigational system arrived at Newark AFS and started through the production line. This milestone marked the culmination of many months of training and equipment installation in preparation for the specialized repair of the 1st aircraft system to be assigned to Newark AFS.

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